I am a RTG Postdoc at UC Berkeley in Arithmetic Geometry. My interests include rigid analytic geometry and studying the foundational geometry of perfectoid spaces. My work includes developing a notion of projective geometry for perfectoid spaces and producing examples of such objects. I'm mainly interested in applications to p-adic hodge theory, the Langlands program, and studying the Brauer group.

I will be spending the fall semester of 2019 as a postdoc at ICERM/Brown for their semester session on computational math visualization, titled Illustrating Mathematics. This should be an incredible and unique program, and I encourage anyone interested to look into applying for funding to attend!

I spent time during my PhD at UW as a mentor in the Washington Experimental Math Lab, as well as managing the digital fabrication lab. If you have any interest in undergraduate research, or interest in learning how to use digital fabrication technologies (i.e., 3d printers, laser cutters, arduino, and more!), please do not hesitate to contact me!

I have lately been exploring mechatronic and interactive art, and I enjoy creating sculpture and installations which are made interactive through the addition of electronics and microcontrollers (such as Arduino). I have recently been interested in exploring the integration of crochet and electronics as a medium.